Dirty Bomb

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dirtybomb title

Formally Know As Extraction, Formally Known As Dirty Bomb.

dbOldextraction title

London is a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no law and no order, it’s time to call in the mercenaries. Suit up and go toe-to-toe with other soldiers of fortune as you battle it out for riches and bragging rights.

Fancy yourself a run-and-gunner? Take part in the ultimate FPS challenge in a game that emphasizes strategy and teamwork over lone wolves. Forget boring, faceless grunts and sci-fi super soldiers. Choose from a metric crap-ton of mercs with personalities as big as their guns. Each has distinct weapons and abilities, there’s a merc for every play style.




#D #f2p #pc #3d #mmofps #action #steam #client-dl #splash-damage #nexon


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