Triad Wars

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triad wars gameplay

Triad Wars is a Free to Play, Action Based, RPG with MMO aspects Developed by United Front Games and Square Enix. You roam around the city setting up rackets to make in game currency and taking over others business ventures to expand your criminal empire. Though there are many people playing you do not share a world. Only your taken over territory is shown to other players in their world so you can steal territories from other players by killing the NPC henchmen in their rackets. The game is a sequel to Sleeping Dogs and anyone who has played Sleeping Dogs will feel right at home. There is an in game cash shop and a huge amount of customization as you progress in ll. There is also shit tons of Blood and Gore the game is super graphic and action packed and has exceptional graphics. It feels much like GTA with some nice spins to it.

triad wars gameplay



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