Iron Realms (Game Company)

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Select a Game World to Play

Danger, glory, and intrigue await you in Achaea, an original world of high fantasy, epic conflict, and exciting gameplay. Here your choices matter and ancient forces shift uneasily beneath the surface.

Click Here to Play Aetolia

Vampires roam the lands in Aetolia, a land besieged by terror and dark forces. Dare you fight against them, or will you embrace the darkness of the night? The choice is yours in this epic dark fantasy MMO by Iron Realms.

Click Here to Play Achaea

The broken moons of Aetherius dominate the fates of all who adventure in the realm of Imperian, a world shattered and torn by factions vying for influence and ideology across the war-torn continent.

Click Here to Play Imperian

Will you master the cosmos and rise to the ranks of the demigods? What secrets and mysteries will you discover on your travels through the planes? Dare to take the journey along with other intrepid adventurers in the fantasy universe of Lusternia.

Click Here to Play Lusternia

Dare to enter the vast, sprawling and richly detailed world of Midkemia, based on the New York Times bestselling Riftwar Cycle series by acclaimed fantasy author Raymond E. Feist. Set in the time immediately following A Darkness At Sethanon, the Great Uprising and the prophesied moredhel sorcerer-king Murmandamus have been crushed by the armies of the Kingdom of the Isles, but the drums of war still beat in the North…

Click Here to Play Midkemia Online


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