Affleck for BATMAN?

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Today it was reported from a Comi-Con Source that Ben Affleck will be writing, directing, and starring in a New stand alone Batman film. It got me wondering is this gonna be ok?
Ben Affleck is known, widely as a Great Actor for his appearances in many raved about films, I’ve never really been one to agree. Affleck’s long standing relationships with actors like Matt Damon, and Writer/Director Kevin Smith, kept him in the spotlight most of his early career. Now what exactly is a good actor well I’d define him or her as someone who is enjoyable to watch and adds depth to the story making the film good. Well if we had a list of films Ben has been in right here in front of us we could simple look at it and think hey that was a good movie oh wait BAM!

Gone Girl
Runner Runner
To the Wonder
The Town
The Company Men
State of Play
He’s Just Not That Into You
Smokin’ Aces
Clerks II
Man About Town
Surviving Christmas
Jersey Girl
The Third Wheel
The Sum of All Fears
Changing Lanes
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Daddy and Them
Pearl Harbor
Reindeer Games
Rudy Duncan
Boiler Room
Forces of Nature
200 Cigarettes
Shakespeare in Love
Sheriff Bryce Hammond
Good Will Hunting
Office Killer – Man in Office (scenes deleted)
Chasing Amy
Going All the Way
Glory Daze
Dazed and Confused
Daddy (TV Movie)
Hands of a Stranger (TV Movie)
The Dark End of the Street

– AND lets not Forget These two

1989 Field of Dreams – Baseball Fan at Fenway Park (uncredited)
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Basketball Player #10 (uncredited)

OK, OK, so there are a few good flix, Afflecks acted in out of 45.
I mean who really remembers “Voyage of Mimi”, besides me?

Affleck’s recent hit “Argo”, was to many, a true showsman-ship of Afflecks Directing talent, BUT I hope people don’t forget that Argo was written by Chris Terrio, NOT Ben Affleck. OH Wait Ben won an Academy Award and A Golden Globe for his writing in Good Will Hunting. Well So did Matt Damon who was a Co-Writer on the Script and if you’ve seen Matt’s Other films “Gerry”, who co starred Bens little Brother Casey Afflek, and “Promised Land” you will be able to tell who did the Majority of the work on Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon Originally Started that Marvel as a Class Project in College and Later asked Ben to help him make it bigger.Speaking of Marvels oh Yeah Ben Was Daredevil which begs the Question Which side are you on Ben?

Putting the fate of the Batman in the hands of someone who co-wrote one good film, Directed One Good, Film and Acted in maybe three good Films in his entire career doesn’t seem like the most Savy Move. Luckily DC is not Brainless they will pair Writing, Directing, Acting Legend Ben Affleck with an Actual Writer Geoff Johns. Johns has been the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics for the past 5 years and Has Written plenty for them including most of the content for DC Universe Online, A Great MMO. So Could this be it for the Caped Crusader? I guess We’ll just have to wait and see

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