I Promise

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I know I don’t post on my Blog as much as I wish I did, so my New Years Resolution is to get more active and start writing Gaming Articles like I used to. Hope you guys come back in 2017 I will post at least once a week. As for the rest of 2016, I will continue to get games up here I will have over 1000 Free to Play PC Games up on this site ASAP.

I also want to Urge People to check out some of the Youtube Channels I link for Gameplay. I choose videos carefully to maybe help boost the hits on certain channels ;P

I am unemployed at the moment so I will have a bit more time to get the site running the way I have always Dreamed and your support is welcome so check back often and if you like what you see feel free to donate a few bucks. I’ll get my Twitch stream going up here soon as well.

I hope to see you back and Keep MMOing!