About MMOing

What is MMOing?

It’s just a website and an Idea that I’ve been working on for about 2 years now.

I wanted to make this site for two main reasons

1.) I Love Gaming! I have dropped thousands of hours of my life into various fantasy worlds than these experiences have led to many new online friends, great memories, and an amazing amount of insight into just how creative the human race can be.

2.)  Gaming pushed my life In a creative way. I went to school for fine arts, art and design, and 3D animation. I also dabbled in various kinds of game coding, most recently Unity3D Engine.

Through these creative endeavors I have learned firsthand how much work goes into creating these amazing games we all play, many at absolutely no cost. I want to go behind the scenes to show the average gamer what creating a simple game is really like and give credit to the thousands of artists coders and development teams that spend their lives making these amazing games for our entertainment and enjoyment.


MMOing and The Future!

1.) I want to add the DevPub.- A Developers/Publisher  Showcase Section on each Game.

2.) I want to round up as many behind-the-scenes Development related videos as I can

3.) I want to have a game creation section where people can share their games and Ideas

4.) I want to build a community of Gamers that respect and understand the work that development teams put into making the Amazing Free to Play Games for us all.


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