A Tribute to Our Beloved Princess

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Over 10 Instances of Alderaan holding 100 player on Each Server had to be made to keep The Server’s Stable as thousands of player said goodbye to a legendary princess in SWtoR.

And Vigils All Over The World

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“Thank You Carrie, and May the Force be With You”


My New MMOing Free to Play Podcast

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Image result for podbean logoDue to the preparation of My New Podcast I have neglected the site a bit. I am gonna be working on it a decent amount this month but as you can see I’ve moved my December Goals to my January goals ;P

First Ep Jan 5th. . .

Its 5am Time for Bed!!!

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Been working on the site again tonight like every night. Happy to say I am still on it

7 hours = still not done lol

Keep MMOing!

I Promise

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I know I don’t post on my Blog as much as I wish I did, so my New Years Resolution is to get more active and start writing Gaming Articles like I used to. Hope you guys come back in 2017 I will post at least once a week. As for the rest of 2016, I will continue to get games up here I will have over 1000 Free to Play PC Games up on this site ASAP.

I also want to Urge People to check out some of the Youtube Channels I link for Gameplay. I choose videos carefully to maybe help boost the hits on certain channels ;P

I am unemployed at the moment so I will have a bit more time to get the site running the way I have always Dreamed and your support is welcome so check back often and if you like what you see feel free to donate a few bucks. I’ll get my Twitch stream going up here soon as well.

I hope to see you back and Keep MMOing!


Praying to RNGesus

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rnjesusThe loot, the crits, the blocks, and the dodges. Prayers are sent every day to the Messiah of chances and probability. Random number generation (RNG) is the central driving force for many games, especially rpgs.
In an attempt to make a game fair the creators have made a system to spread the chances of success out among the populace. Certain NPCs have a chance to drop an item or others. The armor put on isn’t invincible but isn’t feeble either. The amount of damage dealt or received is, within very structured perimeters, left all up to RNJesus.

This system is heavily favored in the “tab target” combat system. A lock target system, as soon as the player is targeted, they stay targeted. As long as there is no line of sight blockage, no matter where the player runs, no matter how fast they run, the target will get hit. So in order to combat that, Stats were needed to improve balance and player chance of survival. Base stats were given out. It now became less about what attacks were being done, and more about what gear would give better chances of success. Players needed to be smarter about what they pick up. More invested in bonuses and combinations of gear packages.

At the start this would have been a game changer, true balance is like real life, which isn’t all that balanced to begin with, filled with random chances. Of course this isn’t the case anymore. When classes became unbalanced due to player demand so did the gear and so did the stats. Some classes had more or different stats than others. Agility for some, charisma for others. Specs and talent paths were formed, and yet the changes only continued to widen the gap. Rpgs as popular as they could be were now more or less only a numbers game, and with any number game there is an a equation most players encounter. The player numbers minus the opponent numbers equals victory. Can’t beat a boss? Go back to the previous zone and grind to a higher level. Get better gear. Go back and fight the boss again. It becomes a rinse and repeat process that must be continued until the player numbers are higher than the boss numbers.

With this system in play is it any wonder casual and even some hardcore players hop from game to game, after too many losses the game gets frustrating, what with all the constant repetition of grind/attack. More than that without a constant growth of the entire world ie; patches and new game versions, hardcore players will get bored and move on to the next challenge. Multiplayer games see this in mmorpgs, where in order to add to the length of time played, arbitrary wait times for side quests, and crafting systems were embedded into everyday game play. Guides pop up to learn how to do things faster. Earn gold, level up, craft x amount of this to get that. RNG exists at the base of all of this. No guarantee as to how many of something will be created.

In the end it wasn’t the rpg that dominated the charts in popularity or gameplay. The question is left to the all of course. Not just to the elite. Not just to the casual. Given the choice between moving out of the way of an oncoming train or scrambling to gather as much gear as possible in order to see if the defense and armor points coupled with your dodge and evasion chance will be enough for you to withstand the blow, which do you choose?

Illusions or disillusions

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Step into the arena, sword at the ready, rotation perfect, countless hours collecting gear, countless rage fits over gankings and past failures.

None of that matters anymore, it is finally time to win. All of those long nights spent researching and grinding all leading to this. The warrior walks into the arena under the all too realistic sun, charges forward with out a single doubt, only to be frozen in place and fired upon by the magic user on the opposite side of the field, who just sits back and spams one button knowing any chance of getting close to them is all but impossible.

It seems a strong trend in fantasy video games and universes. As soon as the element of magic is introduced into the mix, the entire dynamic and tone shifts. Suddenly all the problems and quarrels of the world are solved with a group of hooded individuals, chanting while holding hands.
Magic has become a staple in any strong fantasy franchise or stand alone. A requirement that is expected by fans and critics alike. It has a Deus ex machina feel to it, with anything unknown or unexplained being attributed to it. A theme alive even in the “real” plane of existence. “A magician never reveals his secrets,” the illusionist would proudly say, receiving only nods and shrugs in response, no one dare question further.

Magic has a simultaneous natural/unnatural feel to it. It flows from millions of different sources and is an answer to every problem. What does this mean in terms of video game worlds and combat?
Magic in a video game can make a small universe seem grand and exciting. It has a mysterious enough nature to it, that it can intrigue most curious minds, and a dangerous affinity, making it a deadly and reckoning force in battle.

Of course magic has a tendency to make certain aspects of combat unbalanced, and aspects of the plot unrealistic. Take for example Archeage by Trion, Elder scrolls online, or the grandfather of “magic as a convenient plot device,” World of Warcraft. With magic heavy classes (wow having only three non magic classes,) and it being a central part of the lore, Most players tend to lean towards a combination of magic/non magic combat styles or pure casting.

Many could argue the imbalance is due to the combat system or current patch of a game, and they wouldn’t be wrong. It may seem unfair that when set within the plot or lore of a game, a magic user will almost always triumph over a non caster, but keep in mind that pvp and pve are entirely different. With some classes being designed more for one or the other. So maybe the problem doesn’t lie with magic, but instead with the game it’s self. After all, when put into perspective, magic is nothing more than algorithms and numbers just like any other class, and a truly balanced and fair game would have all classes equal in terms of damage and crowed control. Maybe this is why games like Tera and Vindictus are so well received. Magic and its elements are very present in these “action MMORPG” games, yet from a combat point of view they seem more balanced, and easier to counter no matter what class you choose.

Magic may be a cure all element, a force of unmatched possibilities, or even a “get out of jail free card” plot device, but no matter the position it lands in, or the roll it plays, It seems unlikely it will be leaving the fantasy genre anytime soon, If ever. With hundreds of games and novels sprouting up everyday. Magic is here to stay.

HPG Has No LOGO??? (High-Performance Graphics 2016)

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OK Guys Just wanted to make a Quick Comment here on my Site. HPG (High-Performance Graphics) 2015 is Approaching. This is an Annual forum that has been going on since 2009 for performance-oriented graphics systems research including innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, and hardware architecture. You’d Think that with all this Brainpower and Knowledge of high end computing, someone in seven years would have made a logo for them? C’mon They Have Got to Know Someone.

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